August 12, 2017


Enterprise geospatial mapping just as you imagined it should be

Geospatial mapping applications have always required special software and tools. Why are these applications so complicated that they demand specialist skills in IT teams to use them? As the business value of location data has been realised – achieving productivity gains, removing inefficiencies, improving coordination etc. – the number of processes requiring geospatial technology has grown substantially.  No longer is it affordable or sensible to purchase dedicated and prescriptive geospatial solutions for each specific process across an organization that could benefit from it.

View your business world on one map

Encanvas Maps makes geospatial mapping technology available to everyone in the enterprise. It employs a point-and-click environment to create new views of data. Acquire data from back-office systems and legacy GIS platforms to build a modern portal or mobile mapping solution.

Encanvas Maps is built on the Encanvas platform and includes integration tools that mean different sources of data can be mashed together to form new federated views.

Coherent data architecture

Encanvas Maps treats every plotted data item as a pin associated with data held in a database record. This means collections of ‘pins’ can be filtered in a flexible way to make it easy to present users with only the information they’re interested in. It also means that Encanvas can store geospatial data assets in any form of relational database.


Whether you’re using Encanvas Maps on a web-browser or a mobile device, you’ll be surprised how quickly maps are presented. This is due to the clever way that maps are presented in tiles (so the entire image doesn’t need to build all at once) and the underlying data architecture that means data queries can be rapidly composed.

Scalability that knows no bounds

Encanvas Maps is used for some of the most demanding geo-coding applications. Use it to support millions of data items and still experience blistering response speeds.

Supporting a mix of referencing systems

Some geospatial applications require longitude and latitude references while others use eastings and northings. Encanvas supports both.

Improve display performance with Encanvas Vector Map Format (VMF)

Encanvas VMF is a binary code format data file that can be saved in any form of ODBC database and provides ultra-fast browser presentation without requiring plug-ins or downloads!


  • Build geospatial mapping applications without code
  • Democratizes mapping
  • Security over conference and materials
  • ‘Data mash-up’ capabilities come as standard
  • Ultra-responsive mapping
  • Extend legacy IT systems
  • Available on-premises
  • An integrated component of the Encanvas DX platform


  • Create geospatial mapping applications for capture, analysis and presentation of information without programming, scripting or GIS expertise
  • Remove the complexity and high costs of GIS technology and its associated IT resources from the enterprise
  • Give users across the enterprise the ability to capture and present geospatial information how they want to
  • Blend data from disparate systems across the enterprise with powerful data mashup capabilities to create federated map views
  • Improve the speed and performance of mapping application presented on websites with Encanvas Vector Map Format – the better way to manage GIS data
  • Integrate mapping functionality into legacy business systems
  • Optional on-premises install is completely automated


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