August 12, 2017



The traditional way of designing a web app is a Wireframe that offers a basic visual representation of elements and establishes a hierarchy of information and application components.  Until stakeholders can see a live site with live data the risks of project failure remain extremely high.  Encanvas offers the fastest and most affordable means to produce best-fit right-first-time apps as ‘live’ prototypes, dramatically reducing project over-runs and minimizing project risks.

Experimentation is really important when you’re designing something-well, anything really, including software apps.  But experimentation is time-consuming.  When you build apps it can be ‘too costly’ and cause projects to over-run.

What Is It?

An integrated codeless app prototyping platform and cloud ecosystem that enables designers to iteratively design and deploy applications in conjunction with stakeholders to produce best-fit results every time using the client’s own data.

Modernize applications using a single suite of development software

What separates Encanvas from other software application prototyping approaches and technology platforms is its all encompassing real-time ‘code-less’ authoring approach. With Encanvas, app designers engage business stakeholders in workshops, not pass instructions to them via project managers they hide away in back rooms. Designed with cloud computing in mind, Encanvas is a modern web server live prototyping architecture that fully leverages Microsoft.NET.

Why Use It?
• Speed time to value
• Minimize project costs and risks
• Improve app quality, reduce designer skills and numbers

Integrated middle-ware

Encanvas incorporates one of the most advanced data integration layers ever created in an enterprise computing applications development environment. It employs a point-and-click suite of data connectors, a drag-and-drop systemized information flow designer, and a multi-linking capability that blends data from disparate sources to create new data structures. Encanvas is a true multithreading technology that can consume a series of data sources at the same time.

Ready-to-use design elements

Encanvas includes a series of ready-to-use building blocks that can be brought together in different ways to produce new applications. These include components for data capture, business intelligence, reporting, search and discovery, content management, instant messaging and more.

Unrivalled enterprise security

Encanvas enables IT administrators to manage every aspect of master data management, portal deployment, user identity and access management and data governance no matter how many portals and mobile applications are developed.


  • Code-less design elements have common properties, inter-operability, drag ‘n’ drop linking etc.
  • Design wizards remove coding errors
  • Built-in data ETL and mash-up capabilities
  • 30+ code-less data connectors
  • Rapid deployment of live solutions
  • Easily harvest data from existing and new repositories
  • Powerful data visualisation and geo-mapping
  • Version Rollback – future-proofing
  • If-Then logic engine
  • Powerful integration of 3rd party apps with JSON, C#, HTML and DLL options


  • Modernize legacy apps or create new situational apps that respond to ‘long-tail’ demands
  • Supports the complete application lifecycle
  • Point-and-click authoring across the desk creates right-first-time results
  • Create new database applications or integrate with existing systems
  • Blend data from disparate systems across the enterprise with Encanvas’ powerful data mashup capabilities to create federated map views
  • Present your world of business information on a single map. Improve enterprise accessibility to mapping tools
  • Add new features and capabilities to legacy applications
  • Develop working prototypes within hours


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