August 14, 2017

IoT and Big Data



Two innovations that are jointly connected are the Internet of Things (IoT), describing the proliferation of sensor-based devices, and Big Data, describing the enormous volume of data that exists and continues to grow exponentially due to the pervasive use of digital images and content. Encanvas manages the health of IoT assets and reports on their performance and activities. This data can be aggregated with other sources of ‘big’ data to produce new insights. Encanvas gathers, harvests, analyses and interprets data in whole new ways, producing new sources of value – new ways of doing business.

Making sense of big data

What does IoT and BIG DATA mean to your business? Do you see big data as a potential way to drive your digital transformation perhaps?

McKinsey&Co. neatly describe the business potential of digital transformation in its document ‘What it takes to build your Digital Quotient‘. They state that to leverage big data to drive digital transformation in your business, it’s more about something you do, not something you buy.

So says McKinsey, to turn big data into power, there are three things you should think about:

1. Getting the strategy right

Before thinking about IoT and big data, organizations need to consider ‘what digital transformation means to them’ as it could mean a new way of doing something better – or a completely new business approach.

2. Capabilities at scale

For digital success (says McKinsey) certain capabilities are more important than others. Foremost among them are modular IT platforms and agile technology-delivery skills needed to keep pace with customers. Encanvas equips businesses to keep their IT in-tune with changing needs as digital strategies evolve.

3. A fast, agile culture

Finally, (says McKinsey) while strong skills are crucial, companies can, to some degree, compensate for missing ones by infusing their traditional cultures with velocity, flexibility, and external orientation, and the ability to learn. Encanvas supports the transformation of organizations towards more agile tendencies by removing the barriers between ‘IT and the business’.

Why Use Encanvas as your management system for IoT and Big Data projects?


  • Federated robot/IoT device control system
  • Access to services 24×7 via a comprehensive control panel
  • Cloud-based scaling and control
  • Federated map views
  • Robotic functionality to automate manual tasks
  • The ability to anticipate threats, emergencies, bottlenecks, asset failures etc.


  • Control and governance of federated assets Understanding of cross-discipline events and activities
  • Understanding of cross-discipline events and activities
  • Data security and integrity checks over IoT feeds
  • Data accuracy by exposing shortfalls in data quality
  • Meta-data capture
  • Governance over activities – Systematic rules are applied consistently
  • Best-practise innovation


  • IT resourcing and development costs
  • Application licensing costs
  • Time to value on new solutions
  • Application upgrade costs


  • Manual data capture, input, aggregation, cleansing, analysis, reporting and publishing tasks
  • IT complexity
  • Support overheads

Unrivalled data mashup and ETL

Encanvas is architected to author applications that ‘mashup’ data from different sources and present holistic views. It offers a broad portfolio of ready-to-use data connectors. It also includes powerful extract, transform and load capabilities.

Robotics built-in

Encanvas includes technology components that can mimic human actions such as key-filling screens, harvesting and sorting data, producing spreadsheets, presentations, reports, documents (etc.) and publishing.

Use cases

Typical use cases include:

  • Asset performance and management – Harvesting insights from assets, analysing them and reporting on their performance. Developing insights of asset serviceability and component performance to optimize preventative maintenance programmes and spares stock inventories etc.
  • Smart systems – Using Encanvas to manage IoT devices as part of a smart system that reduces human intervention in events and processes.
  • Industry applications – Transform how processes work within specific industries by re-modelling supply-chains, customer engagement processes, user interfaces and business models.
  • The role of geodata visualizations – Maps are an important tool in IoT and big data apps because they bring clarity to large volumes of data by offering a geolocation context. Encanvas offers a unique built-in mapping capability based on data management best practise. Unlike legacy GIS systems, Encanvas does not compose composite map files but presents data and vectors as layers on a canvas. This approach is essential for data mashup applications.


  • No coding, no errors, smaller IT, better apps
  • Powerful, federated map and data visualisations, aggregating IoT and big data sources
  • Automate manual operations
  • Encanvas has won awards for its multi-threaded, multi sourcing and multi-linking technologies which means you can pretty much connect to any data source and harvest data. Use our ETL tooling to cleaning, normalize, de-dupe, transform and upload data
  • Maximize data security with Encanvas served-pages, ensuring that no web pages exist to be hacked
  • Higher uptime
  • Affordably build hundreds of applications, scale data to ‘cloud dimensions’, monitor millions of assets and devices on a single platform


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