August 10, 2017


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Encanvas is a versatile platform for designing, deploying and operating business applications without coding.  Here are some popular examples of use cases:

Live-WireFrame – Create new project prototypes in near-real-time with our live wireframe code-less environment.  Design, deploy and run live prototypes same-day. Design in workshops with stakeholders to improve results.  More

DevOps and Digital Transformation – Committed to a digital transformation?  Operating a two-speed bi-modal IT model?  Find out why Encanvas DX is the code-less platform of choice for enterprise rapid applications development and agile.  More

Robotic Process Automation – Release up to 30% of your workforce capacity by adopting robotic assistants to take care of repeated mundane tasks that don’t bring value to your customers or business.  More

BI and Dashboards – Lost in data?  Bring focus to your projects, plans and strategies by presenting data on dashboards including KPIs, charts, graphs and holistic visualisation tools.  Our dashboards excel in complex data environments where tasks like uploading, transforming, cleansing, de-duping, mashing up and presenting data are needed.  More

Maps – Give your data a geo-context by presenting it on maps.  Harvest data from different data sources, enrich with big data sources – or blend data with our built-in data mashup tools.  Includes data connectors for most systems including Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.  More

IoT and Big Data – Encanvas manages the health of IoT assets and reports on their performance and activities. This data can be aggregated with other sources of ‘big’ data to produce new insights.  Encanvas gathers, harvests, analyses and interprets data in whole new ways, producing new sources of value – new ways of doing business.  More

Digital City – A digital city requires a technology ecosystem able to bring together a holistic understanding of real-time digital insights from sensor devices, drones, security and monitoring systems, population and traffic flows. Encanvas was designed for this world – to support the ultimate ‘digital ecosystem’ to manage a digital metropolis.  More